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PT (personal trainer) Celia Wahl has a gift: she makes it feel extremely easy and natural to work your heart out during one of her sessions. I asked for her help because since I broke my little toe I haven’t been able to exercise properly and I have been feeling a little bit under the weather.

私人教练Celia Wahl有她独特的天赋:她可以让你无比轻松且自然得全身心地投入到她的课程中。因为我的脚趾受伤而无法正常的锻炼,我最近感到有些低落,于是我向她寻求帮助。


But then our post-injury session became much more – and we ended up talking about fitness and nutrition, of course, but also about dreams and goals.



How do you recover from a injury?

The recovery process is a tough one, your body and mind go through a lot. It’s a delicate phase, and the personal trainer can really make a big difference. People often get depressed and don’t understand that the recovery starts mentally: you can’t let the injury have the best of you. And then later becomes physical – and it’s gym time! I normally design a plan so that, step by step, people get back on their feet, feeling great.


恢复过程挺不容易的,你的生理和心理都要经历很多。这是段需要好好呵护的时间,私人教练的作用是非常明显的。人们很容易感到失落,也不理解恢复的过程是从心理上开始的:你不能让伤情影响到你。然后逐渐变为生理上的 - 那就是健身房时间啦!我一般会设计一个课程,一步接一步的,人们逐渐恢复正常,并感到振奋。


What is health?

Health is all about balance, in mental and physical aspects. They are both challenging, but perhaps the former ones require even more efforts. It’s about being conscious of our choices, of what we do – it’s definitely not about going to the gym every single day, but rather being aware of every single move that you body makes, and of every single thing you eat.


健康是心理和生理上的平衡。这两方面都很具有挑战性,但或许前者需要更多的努力。这关乎意识到我们的选择,我们选择做什么 -这绝对不是每天都去健身房,而是关注我们身体所做出的每一个动作,我们食用的每一种食物。


How do you keep fit?

Again, is a question of balance between what I eat and the sport I practice. I love to vary a lot between different disciplines and food. I follow a self-defense course, but I also do strength exercises, cardio, running. Beijing is actually challenging me, as I don’t like to be outdoor too much [because of the pollution] – but I’m doing my best to cope with it. As for food, I love to try new recipes all the times, for clients and friends. For example, I have just started this collaboration with MOKA Bros. [a trendy cafe] in Beijing: together with their chef I created a ‘power bowl’ called Winter Vigour. It has pumpkin, bell pepper, chickpeas, lentils, kale, carrot, zucchini, cilantro, garlic, onion and ginger. And it’s delicious!


就像上面提到的,这关乎我所吃的食物和我所做运动之间的平衡。我喜欢在不同的食物和规则中常做变化。我在上一个防身术课程,但我也做力量训练,有氧运动,跑步。北京对我来说其实很有挑战性,因为我不喜欢在户外太多(因为污染的原因) -但是我尽最大的努力来适应它。说到食物,我一直都喜欢为客户和朋友尝试新的菜单。比方说,我刚刚开始和MOKA Bros的合作:和他家的厨师一起,我们创造了一个“Power Bowl”叫“冬季活力”。里面含有南瓜,青椒,鹰嘴豆,扁豆,甘蓝,胡萝卜,西葫芦,香菜,蒜,洋葱和姜。它很好吃的哦。


What’s the role of the personal trainer in contemporary society?

In general, I believe I provide knowledge and motivation, I send my clients in the right direction – then of course I expect them to make an effort to follow me. I hope I also represent a role model for them to a certain extent, I would be honoured to be source of lifestyle inspiration. I also encourage them to try other sports and to eat healthy food, so it’s not only about how to do push-ups in the right way.


概括来说,我相信我可以提供知识和动力,我引导我的客户到正确的方向 -当然我也希望他们努力来跟随我。我希望在某方面我可以是他们的榜样,如果我能成为生活方式启迪的来源,我会受宠若惊。我也鼓励他们尝试其它的运动,食用健康的食物,并不仅仅是教他们如何正确的去做俯卧撑。


What are your eating habits?

Sport professionals are very seldom healthy – their goal is to increase their physical skills for a single performance. Think about marathon runners, or sailors out for a long leg. Even if I’m obviously in the sport industry, my actual goal is about being healthy. I try to avoid processed food and to cook as much as possible – this is the only way for me to make sure I get all the nutrients I need. I’ve been vegan and vegetarian for some time as well, but these diets were conditioning my social life. Also, I believe you can’t be too tough with your body for too long.


运动员很少有非常健康的 - 他们的目标是为了单一的运动来提升他们的身体技能。想想那些马拉松运动员,或者经历长途航程的船员。即使我在运动这个领域,我实际的目标还是保持健康。我试图避免加工好的食物,我尽可能多的自己做饭 - 这是能保证我摄取足够所需营养的唯一方式。我曾经有段时间是素食主义者,但素食会影响我的社交生活。而且,我相信你不能长时间对你的身体太过苛求。


What’s your dream?

I’ve always loved to be involved with people and wellness – so that dream has already come true! But I’m already thinking about my next steps, and I would love to own my own gym, to make it a special place where my clients could come in anytime to exercise, but also to enjoy some very healthy recipes that I would prepare myself. I still have a long way to go – but it’s nice to work day after day to make it happen! This is what dreams are for!


一直以来我都喜欢跟人打交道,对健康方面感兴趣 - 所以我的梦想已经实现了!但是我开始考虑我的下一步,我希望有天我可以有自己的健身房,这会是个特殊的地方,我的客户随时都可以来健身,也可以来享受我所准备的健康饮食。这有很长的路要走 -但是每天都往梦想前进的感觉很好!这就是拥有梦想的意义吧!


How do you keep yourself updated?

Being up-to-date is actually a big part of my job – I read books and magazine and, obviously, check the Internet. But my biggest source of information is the group of people around me: I love to talk to my colleagues, my clients and my friends – they have such a big knowledge and I try to absorb from them as much as I can!


紧跟潮流其实是我工作很大的一部分 - 我读书和杂志,当然啦,我还经常上网。但是我最大的信息来源还是我身边的朋友们:我喜欢跟我的同事,客户和朋友们聊天 - 他们知道的可真多,所以我尽最大努力来吸收这些知识!


Chatting with Celia was very interesting: it’s always nice to talk to someone so inspiring. And while she is aware that she has a long way to go to realise her dream and to make her activity sustainable, she is determined to make Beijing an healthier place. One squat at a time.



Celia Wahl e’ una personal trainer norvegese. Fornisce guida ed aiuto non solo come preparatore atletico, ma anche dal punto di vista della nutrizione e del lifestyle. Il tutto con un sorriso contagioso e il desiderio di essere fonte d’ispirazione per sempre più persone. E sogna di aprire una palestra che possa diventare punto d’ incontro per persone di tutto il mondo che siano interessate ad uno stile di vita salutare. E io penso che un posto del genere sia proprio cio’ che manca in una citta’ come Pechino.


For the session with PT Celia Whal I was delighted to wear:

和私人教练Celia Whal的聊天,我的时尚搭配:

Top and Shorts上衣和短裤: Adidas by Stella Mc Cartnery

Lilac sweater紫色毛衫: Uniqlo

Shoes鞋子: Nike

Nail color甲油: OPI Coca-cola Red

The pictures were taken with Giorgio’s Canon EOS 6d.
这些照片由Giorgio的Canon EOS 6d拍摄。
Chinese translation by Vivian Zhou.
中文翻译由Vivian Zhou 完成。

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