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Invited by Wuhao [], Georgian designer Irakli Nasidze curated a very arty fashion event currently in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing. And while the curated shop is not new at the hotel – read more here about their past pop-up – it’s definitely the first time for Irakli to introduce his pret-a-porter collection in Asia.



Irakli’s research revolves around fabric and silhouettes in order to simplify the ease of movements. During the whole creative process, his main concern is to free the fabric from its ‘industrial memory’, making it noble and gifting it with a new legacy. With the use of special techniques the fabric becomes soft and silk-like. The colours are shaded by the dyes exclusively created by the designer’s studio in Paris.



We met for a quick chat last week, before the event’s launch. Here is how it went.



Do you have a special bond with Beijing (or with China in general)?

My particular bond with Beijing is the encounters I made here: the encounter with my wife Qiao Qi who is an artist, and then the encounter with Wuhao created by Virginie [Kompalitch]. I admire Wuhao, for what it is doing and for its approach to fashion and design in general. Wuhao is a nice and beautiful place with an original concept, which allows designers and brands to express themselves in a quite unique way.


我在北京遇到了特别的人,因此造就了我与北京之间特别的联系。我在这儿遇到了我的妻子,乔其(音译),她是位艺术家;我还与Virginie Kompalitch的“吾号”结下了缘分。我欣赏“吾号”,它的行事,它对待时尚和设计的态度,都让我敬佩。“吾号”非常漂亮,充满创意,它鼓励设计师们自由、独立地表达自己的时尚想法。


Tell us more about the research behind colours palette and fabric in your latest collection.

For the summer 2015 collection, each color has been created with lots of delicateness and rigor. On each piece you can find several nuances and tones of the main color – this way even with the same style each piece becomes unique. Also we’ve treated the materials with different techniques so the fabrics become extremely soft and comfortable. Our dream is to empower women: they can express their talent to tell stories through their own fashion style.




Why do you think a shop is nowadays not enough to provide customers a proper shopping experience?

Innovation is the solution, I choose Wuhao because of its avant-garde concept, which allows customers to shop in a different, more arty way.  Shopping at Wuhao is a completely different lifestyle experience – and I think women nowadays need more and more different environments.




What is the Irakli lifestyle?

Arty & contemporary.




What’s the concept behind your latest collection?

Each inspiration is a ‘spiritual journey’.




What made you say yes to Wuhao’s proposal of collaboration?

The inspirational encounter with Virginie , the founder of Wuhao, who gives an additional dimension to my creation. I believe they left me the freedom to express myself but at the same time gave me all the tools and support I needed for my debut in China.




As a designer, do you work by yourself or do you have a team supporting you?

I design all the pieces, and I work with my team in Paris where everyone contribute to give to Irakli (the brand) its own originality.





I loved the conversation I had with the designer, but I must say he totally had me when I saw his pieces in the exhibition. Sophisticated, minimal, refined, beautiful. And the setting, with white paper all over the place, definitely enhances the texture and color of the pieces.



Wuhao is at the Four Seasons until the end of May with a selection of young fashion and design brands from Italy, China, Spain, Portugal, UK and more, and I definitely recommend you go and have a look. In such a beautiful and interesting environment, there is no risk for you not to find something you love.



Wuhao rappresenta probabilmente la nuova frontiera dell’esperienza dello shopping. Virginie, proprietaria e creative director, seleziona i giovani designers più interessanti del panorama internazionale e li coinvolge nei pop up che Wuhao organizza in Cina ormai da due anni. Questa volta Irakli, designer georgiano con studio a Parigi, ne ha curato l’allestimento. Che e’ bellissimo, tutto bianco e artistico. Da non perdere.


Special thanks to Wuhao for the pictures.



Translation by Jasmine Wang.

翻译由Jasmine Wang完成.


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