this is Chiara.

I’m Italian but I’ve been living in Beijing for so long that I consider China my home.

I’m an architect by background, a yoga-lover at heart, a retail expert by day and an novel-reader by night. I totally love sunglasses, apple pie and glossy lip balm. I only wear red nail color.

I began writing chiarascoffeetable.com when I turned 30, back in 2013. The blog was a way to express myself and to share bits of my lifestyle. It then became my full-time occupation and a social platform: the C’sCT team grew to include interns, photographers and guest contributors. That was a super fun time and through the blog I met many amazing people. I’m so lucky that I can nowadays still call some of them my good friends.

At the end of 2015 I got a full-time job in my dream-company and started focusing 100% on my career. Business trips and busy days made it very hard to keep writing and updating by blog.

Until February 2020. Self-quarantine-ing at home with my husband, I felt the need to reconnect again with all my readers all over the world. This had to happen in a new way. Fresher, more basic and direct.

A couple of months of work and voila! The new website is ready for you. Please grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.