About Chiara and her Coffee Table





I’m Chiara, and I would like to invite you to sip some fragrant coffee sitting with me at my virtual coffee table.

I’m Italian, born and raised in Rome, but at a certain point of my life I had the (amazing) opportunity of travelling together with my dear boyfriend (newly husband now) Giorgio and exploring the world. Business brought us to Denmark first and then eventually to China.
Beijing is my home now; I have been working, dreaming and having fun here in the last five years and totally love it.

I don’t know where my life will bring me next, but now I’m sure I’ll keep you posted!
The idea of this blog has been in my mind forever. I launched at first at the beginning of 2014, and re-launched it with a completely new graphics and more visual content on its first birthday.

My hope is that this blog will allow you to share my feelings & happenings, no matter how far in space you are from me.
I write for my family and my best friends, wherever life, love or work brought them, but my blog is open to anyone who comes along wearing their best smile and bringing their dearest friends.

Please get some coffee and come on in!


大家好,我是“喝咖啡 聊时尚”专栏的博主柯雅。我是土生土长的罗马人,并且非常幸运地找到了我的丈夫Giorgio(我非常爱他),特别感激我能够有机和他一起走过世界很多精彩的地方。因工作的缘故,我们去了丹麦,现在我们在中国!! 北京已经是我的家了,在过去五年里,我在这工作,规划我的梦想,完全爱上了这座可爱的城市。我不是生活的下一站会把我带到哪儿,但可以肯定的是,我一定会和你们分享的!

我一直在想我要开这么一个专栏,这个想法一直一直在我的脑子里。2014年我终于有了自己的博客,现在它快要一岁啦! 马上大家就会看到全新改版后的博客官网啦,新网站会有更多精彩内容和图片哦,期待ING.

我非常希望能透过我文字和摄影跟大家分享我的感受和我遇到的奇妙的事儿,时尚无国界,我们之间也零距离。  我将这里所有的一切献给我的家人,我的朋友,我爱他们!同时非常欢迎各位来我的博客,跟我讲一讲你们身边奇妙的事儿,想想都非常美妙!





They say about Chiara’s Coffee Table:

Beijing really gain something new and colorful when Chiara started her blog.  She brought that Roman flair for living mixed with a deep understanding of design to a subject matter that covers the point where fashion, hospitality and cuisine meet. Perfect for a China getting beyond labels and show, her blog shows people what a more profound understanding of lifestyle is about.


Nels Frye, Editor-in-chief of Lifestyle Magazine and founder of stylites.com consultancy


Chiara presents her audience with a read which is not just easy breezy (don’t sue, Covergirl), but explicative and bumping along the long winding road (don’t sue, George) that is Chinese society anno 2015. From fashionista to foodie, all can devour the topics on offer here. Enjoy the ride!


Elsbeth van Paridon, ONE Outlet Account Executive and China fashion writer


chiarascoffeetable.com navigates the world. Chiara has an editing eye and sees things as they are, when she featured me, the headline alone made me feel like for once the world has seen me for who I truly am. I have read other very fascinating and inspiring stories. Complimenti Chiara!

“喝喝咖啡 聊聊时尚”立足国际。柯雅有一双看透一切的双眼,每一次她关注一件事,都能将其最原汁的特点传达出去。我也曾读过其他美妙的故事,但是柯雅的文字总会在某一次击中我的心房。你是最棒的,柯雅!”

Doris Kwaka, top model


Chiara is one of the most sought after style consultants in Beijing. Bringing the best of Italian flair with a downtown vibe, Chiara is the ultimate expat trendsetter based in the Jing.


Michael Kaufmann, Director, CCTV International


The team behind Chiara’s Coffee Table:



Hi! I’m Jasmine, a Sagittarius, which means I’m optimistic and a big fan of pretty life. I am from Jiangsu province in China. If you don’t know, this is a fantastic place with beautiful people and weather. Chiara and I have been close friends since 2010. I appreciate her exploring spirit and endless passion for life and beauty. Now I help her with some translation for her Chiara’s Coffee Table, and hope every reader and fan will be enjoying it as much as I do. Kiss all.

大家好,我是王素馨,作为一名射手座,天性乐观和热爱生活,简直是自带太阳出门。我来自中国江苏省,那里有美人儿、美食和美好的天气。2010年,我和Chiara认识后很快成为了很好的朋友。我很欣赏她对生活的进取心以及对美好未来的热爱。现在我负责Chiara’s Coffee Table文字翻译部分,希望博客的每一位读者和Chiara的粉丝们都能喜欢这个博客并一直给予关注。么么哒。





Hi! I’m Hope, a girl who spends her days daydreaming about adventures she’s yet to go on. I’m a lover of the art of taking pictures, people watching, latte drinking and writing. I’m half Welsh, half Kenyan but as a travelling child I grew up hating the question, ‘Where are you from?’. I came to Beijing in 2010 and this wonderful city is home for now. I found Chiara’s Coffee Table and had the honour of working for the blog just in 2015. My favourite thing about C’sCT is all the fun there is in hunting for pictures. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do working for it.

大家好,我的名字叫Hope,我是个对陌生城市和未知旅途充满好奇心的女孩儿。我热爱摄影、热爱写作和拿铁咖啡—大家都喜欢。我有一半威尔士人血统和一半肯尼亚血统,但是我又是个“漫游人”,因为我不停地在各地穿梭来往。2010年,我来到了北京,从那时起,我把北京当作了自己的家。2015年,我与博主Chiara结缘于她的热门博客Chiara’s Coffee Table并且很荣幸与Chiara合作。关于C’sCT我最喜欢的是图片部分,以及这些图片是如何诞生的。我热爱这份工作,希望大家也喜欢C’sCT




Hi! I am Vivian. Just like any girl you meet in this city, I love art, fashion, travelling, photography, and of course, a sip of coffee by Chiara’s Coffee Table. I met Chiara in Beijing after I got my degree in Translation a few years ago, and we just clicked by sharing the same passion and dreams. C’sCT opens a window to all the exciting happenings in town and I have been inspired by so many cool individuals and fascinating stories from her blog. I am honoured to be part of C’sCT.

嗨!我是Vivian。就像你在这个城市里碰到的每个女生一样,我喜欢艺术,时尚,旅行,摄影,当然,我也享受喝咖啡时阅读Chiara’s Coffee Table。几年前我从翻译专业毕业后,刚搬来北京就认识了Chiara。因为共同的兴趣和梦想,我们的友谊一直延续至今。Chiara的博客 -- C’sCT是一扇了解北京有趣的新鲜事的窗口,我不断的从她博客里的采访对象和背后的故事里汲取灵感并受到启发。作为C’sCT的团队组成部分,我非常荣幸。