As some of you might know, I was born and raised in Rome – but I only started to see its beauty when I left it, almost 8 years ago.


Now every time I go back it’s all about being a tourist in my own city. And I enjoy this so much – I wear my sunglasses and I’m out all day, taking pictures, meeting friends, tasting cornetto & cappuccino‘s and shopping!


And as so many of you have been asking, I’m more than happy to share my tips about this wonderful city – I hope they can help you enjoy your trip and #livelikeaRoman!

后台有不少朋友问我作为本地人能不能给一些游览罗马的建议,我认真整理了一下自己平时会去逛的地儿,都是个人爱好,给你们做参考 #和罗马人一样生活#

(This list is an edited version of the list of my favourite places I sent to all the guests to my wedding back in 2013 – but in the Eternal City things don’t change too often!


I’ve picked out all the things I totally love and know you will too. So, all you have to do now is get to Rome and explore!


The weather in Rome is always nice, so I suggest you wear comfortable shoes and explore it walking.


If you want to make it to a museum, I suggest the glorious Galleria Borghese – not only is the villa pretty, entry is by timed ticket, which means no elbowing and shoving – the perfectly-sized collection contains Canova and Bernini marble masterpieces – they will leave you literally speechless. It’s charming to take a stroll (or have a run – ah!) at the Borghese Gardens afterwards – Bellissimo!

博物馆:如果想去博物馆逛逛,我强烈推荐博尔盖塞Galleria Borghese 美术馆。持定时票入场可以尽情参观,定时票游览限制了入场人数,保证游览的质量。抛开Galleria Borghese美术馆自身的特点不说,意大利划时代建筑师、雕刻家Gian Lorenzo Bernini吉安·洛伦佐·贝尔尼尼的作品绝对不能错过(意大利纳沃纳广场的四河喷泉、西班牙广场大台阶下的破船喷泉,以及《阿波罗与达芙妮》都是这位大师的作品);以及Antonio Canova安东尼奥·卡诺瓦的大理石雕刻作品(代表作有《玻耳修斯》)。

Shops generally open from 10am-7.30pm, although smaller ones take an afternoon pause from 1-4pm, and some close all day Sun and on Mon mornings too.


All indoor restaurants and bars are non-smoking.


Drinking cappuccino after midday is very déclassé.


You will only need the following Italian phrases, just in case of emergency:


  • Ciao bella / bello: 你好/好极了
  • Buongiorno / buonasera: 早上好/下午好
  • Buona notte: 晚安/再见
  • Per favore / grazie / prego: 请/感谢/别客气
  • Aoh, ma che sta a fa?: What the *@!# are you doing? (very useful in traffic while waving arms Italian-style violently). 嗨,干什么呢!(说这句话的时候再像意大利人一样用力挥舞手臂就更到位了!)


But let’s get one thing straight, if you’re skinny now, you’ll be a hefty by the time you leave – it’s pointless to resist the call of the cucina, so my advice is: give in, give in! You can drink beet juice and eat salads for the rest of your life, but Rome is for feasting.


My favourite spots are: 下面这些都是我私人最心水的店,把它们分享出去我还能订上位子吗?(挠头ing…)

Via del Leone, 4 (Centro)

Busy and charming streetside tables. Lovely. My husband Giorgio’s favourite

地址:Via del Leone, 4 (Centro)


Salita de’ Crescenzi, 4 (Pantheon)

Pasta expert. Chiara’s Pick. No need to say anything else, I guess.

地址:Salita de’ Crescenzi, 4 (Pantheon)


Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 36 (Centro)

Pizza galore.

地址:Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 36 (Centro)


Piazza S.Eustachio, 42 (Pantheon)

Some say it’s what is in the water, other credit the wood roasted beans and baristas, but only a few  dispute that their caffe’ is the best in town!

地址:Piazza S.Eustachio, 42 (Pantheon)


Via dei Condotti, 86 (Spagna)

Touristy, but well worth a peek. VIP from Casanova to Liszt to George Clooney have passed by this grandy grinder. Stand at the bar for the best granita di caffe’ con panna in the entire city

地址:Via dei Condotti, 86 (Spagna)


Piazza S.Lorenzo in Lucina, 29 (Centro)

This lovely café has a charming retro gelato bar inside serving our favorite flavors in Rome. The scandalous whipped cream (panna) is only for the true devotee

地址:Piazza S.Lorenzo in Lucina, 29 (Centro)


Via Uffici del Vicario, 40 (Pantheon)

While the gelato and pastries are divine, when it’s hot, ask the Sicilian bartender or a cold tea with granita di limone (lemon sorbet), sit alfresco and enjoy!

地址:Via Uffici del Vicario, 40 (Pantheon)



  • Via dei Condotti – Fashion & accessories Condotti大街———时尚聚集地

This is it. The epicentre of Roman bling shopping. You (and probably fifty thousand others) are standing in Piazza di Spagna by Bernini’s iconic boat fountain, straight ahead lies the gauntlet of Condotti, where Italy’s most famous brands lie. Mandatory sunglasses, perma-tan and plenty of bling – and that’s just the guys. Portfoglios out!


  • Trastevere – Atmosphere 古城意境

The ancient neighbourhood is ground zero for local vibe and fun for a wander either at lunch or particularly in the evening. In particular I suggest you ladies visit Di San Giacomo and gets a pair of bespoke sandals. They have a branch in via di Santa Dorotea as well.

Trastevere街区历史悠久,想感受罗马的历史和文化,这儿是最佳选择。午后或者晚上在Trastevere散步非常惬意;我特别要跟女生们说的是,逛街的时候可以顺便去Di San Giacomo看一看,那儿定制的凉鞋特别棒,我个人已经买了不知道多少双了。他们在Di Santa Dorotea大街还有一家店。

I hope you enjoy your trip, feel free to let me know where you had your favourite Cappuccino!

Enjoy – ciao belli!!