Between Neemic and me it was love at first sight. I met Hans Galliker, co-founder, last winter: I interviewed him (you can read more about this here), took some pictures close to his studio, and decided I would keep an eye on Neemic.

我对Neemic几乎是一见钟情。去年冬天,我遇到了它的品牌创始人之一,Hans Galliker先生,对他进行了采访(你可以点击这里直达访谈页面)参观了他的工作室。自此之后,我一直关注Neemic的成长和各种有关新闻。


Later on I became actively involved with Neemic, and I got the opportunity to meet Amihan Zemp, co-founder and creative director. We prepared the launch for the “Afternoon” collection together last month, and I made capital of that time spent together to interview here. Here below her answers to my questions.

之后我得到一些机会,与Neemic品牌有了更多的接触,并被介绍给品牌另外一位创始人兼创意总监Amihan Zemp。非常幸运,上个月我得以与Neemic团队一起策划并组织了Neemic“午后”系列新品开售,并成为品牌投资者之一。以下是我与Amihan Zemp的对话。


You have been living in Beijing for a while now. What do you like about this city?

I like that Beijing is still a bit rough and ‘unfinished’ on many levels. There is constant movement, change, and friction that makes it interesting. This also attracts interesting people. Beijing is the perfect place to try and experiment ideas; it’s got all kinds of materials, services, infrastructure and people to make things happen. Whatever your challenge is – you can find your solutions somewhere in this city.




What is Neemic to you?

I treat it like my baby. Hans and I started this experiment three years ago in Hong Kong, and it took us like a strong river. We shared passion, pain and sweat to realize our visions in a challenging environment. It is a fantastic opportunity to push my boundaries, test my talent and learn how to get stuff done. Neemic is also a community of mutually supporting and inspiring, amazing people.




Is the use of organic fabric source of inspiration during the creative process?

Unfortunately, the organic textile market is still in its early stages, especially domestically. Markets with a large diversity of fabrics still only carry a negligible fraction of sustainably produced materials, and not many meet our quality requirements. Some factories can produce wonderful organic textiles on request but have astronomical minimum order quantities. So we really have to hunt for organic fabrics that we find both inspiring and accessible. A great example is the organic handwoven ramie fabric we source from Summerwood, or a particularly soft, clean organic linen/wool we used in this collection.



Neemic 3131

What elements contribute to the beauty of a dress?

The most important is that you feel really comfortable inside it. Beauty is more about the person than the dress; a dress should just release it. I prefer design that is self-sufficient without artificial complexity or effort to please. Simple things can have a stronger impact than loud statements; an idea, a small detail, a little extra care.



Neemic+3257 (1)

What’s the story behind the new Afternoon collection?

I always follow a mood rather than a formal concept when I create. This collection came from the feeling of a quiet and effortless afternoon; when you have time for yourself, and feel at home where you are. I used very pure, soft fabrics to transport this feeling through the touch. I also generally used oversized and simple, natural cuts.



Neemic+3460 (4)

Which dreams do you have for the development of your career?

I want to keep learning the skill of realizing visions, be they creative or other. “Designer” is not a role that defines me well, and I don’t aspire to a glamorous position in the fashion world. I hope that I will leave behind a contribution to actual problems; there is much pain and destruction all over the planet and more of our energy should go into that. However, I am passionate about the beautiful things on earth, and strive to make my work a part of them.



Neemic+0124 (1)

Amihan is an inspiring figure, she is a young woman with a solid vision and a talent for design. I’m so happy to be part of the team behind this collection, and I can’t wait for winter to come to wear the pieces that are already in my wardrobe.


Neemic+4052 (1)

Conoscevo Neemic da tempo, ma solo negli ultimi mesi ne ho seguito le vicissitudini più da vicino, e ho avuto l’opportunità di conoscere Amihan Zemp, co-founder e creative director. Vederla al lavoro durante la fase di creazione e produzione della collezione “Afternoon” e’ stato per me una fonte di ispirazione incredibile. 

Neemic+4374 (1)

For the “Afternoon” collection launch party I was delighted to wear:


Alabaster white cardigan 乳白羊毛开衫: Aya knit cardigan by Neemic

Earrings 耳饰: Isharya bought via Ishaveya 购自Ishaveya

Neemic 4851

The pictures #1, #2, #3 and #4 were taken during the launch party by streetstyle photographers P1.

照片#1, #2, #3 , #4出自Neemic新品发布会,由P1街拍摄影师拍摄。

All the other pictures are from the official Neemic campaign, to which contributed:


Model模特: 雨渡曾 Yu Du Zeng

Photographer摄影师: 黃偉杰 Patrick Wong

Makeup & Hair发型&化妆: Kevin Tsoi

Studio合作工作室: SharpenStudio

Art Direction & Graphic Design 拍摄指导及设计: Ronald Tau 

The pieces in every picture are as follow:



scarf 超长围巾: Ora knit scarf

sweater 外套: Liron oversized mohair sweater

pants 真丝长裤: Elon silk trousers gray


blazer 上衣: Nava organic linen blazer


dress 真丝裙: Ava silk dress

cardigan 马海毛开衫: Eden mohair knit coat


dress 裙: Ava sequin dress

coat 外套: Natan alpaca coat


sweater 羊毛外套: Elijia wool sweater

trousers 有机亚麻长裤: Nava organic linen trousers


dress 有机苎麻裙: Yra organic ramie top long


coat 羊驼绒外套: Eron alpaca coat

sweater 超大马海毛外套: Eden oversized mohair sweater

wool trousers 羊毛长裤: Mera wool trousers

Chinese translation by Jasmine Wang.

中文翻译由Jasmine Wang完成.