Twenty years ago I met a man.

Back then, he was not more than a boy, kind, gentle, generous. He would ride his motorbike to school without a helmet, play tennis with his friends, be the soul of the party and then spend hours and hours at his piano doing scales and studying ‘solfeggio’.

He would bring his girlfriend out in the evening even without permission from his parents and every Sunday morning he would go to the Auditorium in Rome to listen to classical music.

He enrolled in university to become an engineer, was by far the best in his class, and in his free time he would design jewellery and go to the park to fly his home-made kite.

When he moved abroad for work, he ate locally, studied the language, became friends with new people, and he kept nurturing the relationship with his childhood friends back home.

When he lost his job, he packed his family belonging and moved to a smaller apartment. He started teaching piano, studied more, taught himself a new hobby – DJing. With the money he made out of his music classes and DJ gigs he brought his wife to Bali on holiday, bought her a diamond ring, flew back to Italy for Christmas and wrote everyone cards.

He got a new job, big responsibility and a lot of stress. He is a sharp negotiator and an ambitious business developer. He DJ’s every Friday and hosts charity concerts to help those in needs. He composes electronic music, he is always striving to be better. He is friendly and approachable, and he knows his worth and he is not willing to compromise.

During the weekend he spends hours at the piano going over the same passage, he rollerblades to the market to buy pumpkin, zucchini, rucola.

He travels the world, can speak 5 languages (or so he says) and when he is home he prepares me breakfast every single morning, with Vietnamese coffee and biscuits with pineapple jam. 


Some of his electronic music can be found here.