YES, I’M FINE. 我很好。

It’s been a long time… and today I’m back to my oldie-but-goodie MacBook to share with you how it is to be in Beijing during one of the toughest times China has been going through in the recent years.

Fine, it is actually fine.

My husband Giorgio and I are safe and healthy. We spend time at home, we cook, watch movies, read books and chat. He plays piano and I practice yoga and lit candles. Those of you who know me well know that we normally don’t get to spend a lot of time together, so this is precious time.

The streets are empty. Today it’s snowing and the city looks pretty and quiet, almost in a meditative kind of beauty. If anyone is around, they are wearing masks, glasses and, most of the times, gloves. Even beneath all these layers, if you look well enough, you can see their eyes are smiling, because they have faith, and they believe that soon enough everything will be fine.

I talk daily to my parents, to friends in Italy and everywhere in the world, to my colleagues. I feel warmth everywhere around me.

Is it a tough time? Yes, of course it is. The feeling of uncertainty is not a comfortable one.

Am I inspired by what is going on around me? Definitely. Faith, love, hope are amongst the strongest sources of inspiration.

Do I feel alone? Not at all. I’m not an Italian in a foreign city. I’m a human being who, together with many more, is trying to stay strong and be positive. We are all in this together.

Am I ok? Yes, I definitely am. And I will keep writing about this. So, if you are curious, stay tuned.

And the picture was taken the day before yesterday with my iPhone, when my husband and I decided to go for a walk to stretch our legs.