… since yesterday I’m the proud owner of a Celine Teen Classic bag.

It’s burgundy and I can’t wait to pair it with my favorite leather jacket and silk scarfs, with high-waist denim and white T-shirts, with linen shirts and summer dresses.

But I guess the most interesting point I’d like to make is that in fact I’m the second owner of this bag. I bought it from a second-hand shop in the heart of the city where I live, Beijing.

Since I found the receipt of when the was first bought (hallo Paris, 2018) I’d like to e   ngage in a game with you, my readers, and let imagination run wild about the First Owner, the person who gave it to Her (ticket cadeau, it says on the receipt) and why, what life circumstances brought Her to sell it, and what she was planning to make with the money she made out of this.

Exciting, isn’t it?

So, the bag was first bought in Printemps Haussmann in Paris in September 2018. Was it a lover who gave this bag to Her? To celebrate their relationship? Or was it a self-given gift? Perhaps linked to some big professional achievement? And also – I’m wondering – was it a planned purchase? Had the lover been thinking about this for months and organized the trip to Printemps around this? Or was it more the act of some impulsive desire? Something like – I saw this in the window and felt like I couldn’t live without it any longer.

I imagine the happiness of unwrapping the gift, the excitement of looking at Herself in the mirror carrying the bag over the shoulder for the first time.

I can also imagine the First Owner going places, meeting friends, coming back home after bad days, starting difficult conversations, getting slightly drank over bubbles (or Margaritas, because, you know…), missing trains, all with her burgundy Teen Classic bag literally at her side. Many memories must have been carried inside it, together with hand cream, lipsticks, metro card and house keys.

And then… what happened? Why was this bag sold?

Was the relationship with that lover over? Was it to make space in the wardrobe for a new bag? Was it because not all the memories carried inside were good ones? Or maybe because the First Owner was in need of money? Or was She planning to leave everything behind and go on a solo-trip to discover something more about the world and, most importantly, about Herself?

Anyways, First Owner, just in case you are reading this, your bag is safe with me. I’ll take good care of it. Exactly as I guess you did, I’ll carry it through all the up’s and down’s, on and off trains, in and out my favorite restaurants, to new and old cities. There is something poetic about loving something that was pre-loved. It’s almost like all the love sums up, as well as all the adventures, the relationships. And, of course, the lipsticks.

I’m such a proud second owner of a Celine Teen classic bag.