I’ve met fashion photographer Patrick Wong for the first time last week – we were supposed to shoot a couple of pictures of the new Afternoon collection by eco-chic Beijing-based Neemic.



Shy and reserved, he was at ease only when behind his camera.



Originally from Hong Kong, Patrick has been living in Beijing for a long time, developing his skills and adjusting to the fastly-paced life in China. I wanted to know more, so we had a chat while we shot.



Have you always wanted to be a photographer?

Yes. Since I was a kid, whenever I take a picture, I immediately feel in love with it and this feeling makes me love photography more – this is why every single day I enjoy being a photographer.




When and where did you buy your first camera?

It was around 2006: I was a student in HK enrolled in a photography class. My first camerera was a digital one, D70, and I had to use up all my savings. At that time, digital cameras were starting to replace traditional cameras, and my teacher asked to buy one for better understanding commercial photography.




Who thought you how to use a professional camera?

Mr. Zhai Jinwen, my teacher back in HK. He taught me how to use a professional camera and told me everything about a collection of pictures. Still today I feel very grateful to him.




What is the most interesting project you are working on right now?

Working with designer brand Neemic on its new Autumn/Winter collection. I found its design idea and style are pretty consistent with my vision and my works, especially the latest shooting (you can find all the pictures from that shooting here). We had to complete the shooting within a limited time and, even under pressure, we did a very satisfying job. I feel I need to thank  Neemic for this great chance.




How do you keep yourself updated about new trends and techniques?

I love visiting bookstores and reading magazins. Also I find useful to stay home going through all my favorite websites.




What do you like to take pictures at?

Well, I enjoy different scenarios, such as panoramic views, city street style, still life. I’m deeply in love with photography, whatever I shoot.




What is your dream for your career development?

I want to focus on people. I love presenting peoples uniqueness through my works.




01Wearing the pieces from the new “Afternoon” collection in preview was a big honour for me, and Patrick was able to make me feel confident and beautiful.



Hopefully there will be more and more pictures around from this talented photographer, so just #staytuned.



Per me e’ sempre un piacere posare di fronte ad una macchina fotografica. Questa volta pero’ con Patrick Wong, schivo fotografo di Hong Kong, e’ successo qualche cosa di magico: saranno stati i vestiti, parte della nuova “Afternoon” collection firmata da Neemic, sara’ stata la location, in un ex-complesso industriale nel cuore di Pechino, ma io e Patrick ci siamo capiti subito. E le foto sono venute benissimo. Voi che ne dite?


For the photoshooting at Meridian Space with fashion photographer Patrick Wong I was delighted to wear all pieces from the new “Afternoon” collection from Neemic:


Black wool coat 黑色羊绒外套: Leon

Black  wool blazer 黑色羊绒夹克: Mera

White knit cardigan 白色针织开衫: Aya

Mohair knit coat 马海毛针织外套: Eden

Knit scarf 针织围巾: Ora

Pictures at Meridian Space were taken with Patrick Wong‘s Canon 5D mark2, under the artistic direction of Amihan Zemp.

本辑拍摄由Patrick掌镜,艺术指导:Amihan Zemp.

For all the other pictures, special thanks to Patrick Wong.


Chinese translation by Jasmine Wang.

中文翻译由Jasmine Wang完成.