…and after 6 months of thinking, video-calling, drafting & reviewing between Beijing and Shenzhen, the new Chiara’s Coffee Table is live! This blog has evolved together with me and has been a pretty much constant presence in my life since its first launch, back in 2013.

How is the new Coffee Table different from before? you might ask.

Well, it’s simpler, only a few categories.

It’s more personal and less ‘platform’: no external contributors, no photographers, just me and my iPhone.

It’s a ‘less is more’ manifesto: no regular weekly post, no lengthy articles. I’ll only write when I feel like doing so – no routines, no expectations. This blog won’t be part of my to-do list.

It comes with a completely new brand identity, developed together with Benedetta at Panglossian: pink and gray’s, no-frills font, a logo made of stacked little stones, to symbolise the different ‘bits of living’ I’m willing to share with you.

I’m very excited to see what’s ahead and I look forward to having all of you over at my table for some fragrant coffee and fresh stories. Because, as you might know, some things never get old.