Yi House

Visiting Yi House was definitely the most serious purpose of this Beijing Restaurant Week 2014. I’ve been wanting to go for…ages, since I first moved here in 2010. But for some strange reasons, I never made it. Everything about Yi House was attractive to me: the location inside Grace, a colourful art hotel in the gallery zone 798 and the mediterranean cuisine with a twist.


This is why, when my friend Lars asked me if I had any recommendation for a place we should pay a visit to taking advantage of the Restaurant Week deals, I had no hesitation. We made a reservation and… I couldn’t believe I was actually there!


The environment of this restaurant is so special: light blue walls & white ceiling, monochrome pictures, lime-green chairs, black wooden floor and a lot of sunlight.


Also, hanged on a wall towards the end of the dining room, around 20 small mirrors, reflecting the light entering from the big windows (and myself, in the case of the picture here below).


The blackboard here below summarizes their normal lunch formula, which includes a starter, a main and a dessert. And water, if you don’t go for San Pellegrino or Acqua Panna.


But for the Restaurant Week they prepared a different menu, with different options.


Now, as you know if you read here, I don’t eat different proteins in the same meal. This is why I asked for a completely vegetarian starter, and they told me with a smile that there was no problem, and then brought me a huge breakfast cup with organic salad. It also came with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dress it. Nice.


As a main, I ordered the fish and seafood stew, and I must say it was divine, creamy and tasty.


I skipped dessert, but I was really curious about this ‘mango paella’ that reminded me so much about the happy days in Thailand I spent with Reyan eating mango sticky rice late at night (read about my foodie experiences in Bangkok here).


I just had my usual caffein fix (and loved the chessboard-effect they recreated with the sugar cubes)!


It was a lovely time I spent with Giorgio, Lars, Tong and her newly-husband NC eating delicious food and enjoying one of the very first days of spring. But I want to go back for more: I heard that they have a lovely weekend brunch that I can’t wait to try. I promise I’ll keep you posted!


Sempre nell’ambito della Beijing Restaurant Week, sono stata a pranzo da Yi House, un posticino molto trendy all’interno dell’ art hotel Grace. Mi piace tutto di questo posto: l’interior design dai colori pastello, la scelta di fotografie in bianco e nero, la luce che entra dalle grandi finestre. E, ovviamente, il cibo! Ho mangiato insalata biologica e un cacciucco delizioso e profumato. Ma decisamente la mia storia con questo ristorantino non finisce qui: ho sentito dire che nel weekend hanno un brunch fantastico e non vedo l’ora di provarlo!


For the lunch at Yi House I was delighted to wear:

Camel coat: Max Mara

Cachemire shawl: Woo

Bag: Furla

Black dress: Max Mara

Flats: Prada

Earrings: Hermes

Silver ring: Furla

Sunglasses: Prada


Pictures were taken with my white Sony NEX-5T.

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