Christmas’ Mani/Pedi

Today I was really in for a treat. It’s Friday, Beijing is cold and polluted today, my husband is stuck in CPH because of the wind storm, and I was in a horrible mood. When I feel this way, there are only two places I can go to to feel better: the first one is La Pizza in 3.3 shopping mall, where I would get my beloved vegetarian pizza (possibly heart-shaped), I would eat in 3 minutes and then feel guilty for the following 3 days and nights, and the second place is Dragonfly Retreat in SanLiTun Nan Lu, where you get anything, from massage, to nail care, to waxing in a super peaceful and relaxing environment.

I decided to go this way (also because tomorrow is Saturday, and I’m getting my pizza for lunch anyways, and without any guilt!).

So from the cab on my way home from work I gave them a call as I know that place gets very busy during the weekend.

Sure, no problem, the kind English-speaking receptionist told me, you can have Manicure & Pedicure done at the same time in our nails saloon. Read: in your personal Paradise on Earth. Woah!

I just needed a quick stop at home to pick up the nail colour I wanted to wear, I really couldn’t do without! It’s a super reddish red, but it’s not flat. It has thousands of glitters and it looks so much fun! Plus, it is perfect for all these Christmas celebrations that are coming!

Then I was ready to actually being taken care of and pampered in this oasis of tranquillity that is Dragonfly. So I entered, gave them my fidelity card (and by now you should know I’m a big fan if you read here and here), was given a cup of hot tea and then they brought me in the nail saloon and had me seat on a comfortable wooden armchair. Now it’s relax time!


First thing, they put my feet in a dark lilac liquid in a ceramic basin on the floor. The liquid (water and some lavender oil, I guess) was not too hot (sometimes it looks like they want your feet to be boiled!) and very fragrant. Then they practice a short but vigorous massage before  starting the pedicure itself. Ah, it is so nice.


At the same time, another ‘nails specialist’ takes care of my hand, so dry because of the weather, and applies a double layer of moisturising hand cream.


When everything is ready, they put the colour and… Wow! My hands & toes look so Christmas-y!


Even if the environment is very nice and quiet, till this moment, there is no big difference with the manicure I get every week at Lily’s Nails for 30 RMB. Note: Lily’s Nails in SanLiTun Soho just moved last week to ShiMao Dept. Store. Bah. Not that convenient.

One tiny difference is that here they have wi-fi, and that it actually works. So today I could catch up with Carrie and Brody and make sure they are actually still thinking about each other (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’d better read here and, if you are in China, do some follow-up here).


But the big difference is that at Dragonfly they bring you some kind of nail oven to put your hands in so that your nail colour dries very fast, and you don’t take the risk of ruining it. It’s amazing. In ten minutes you are ready to go! Normally I need to wait for one hour!


As I am super serious about my nails to stay pretty and set for a long time, I still wore my pearl-pink flip-flops on the way home. Everyone one kept staring at me. Was it because they were jealous of my pretty glittery red nails?


For the splurge at Dragonfly I was delighted to wear:

Cachemire shawl: Woo

Flip-flops: Hawaianas

Nail colour: O.P.I. The show must go on!


Pictures were taken with a Leica C-Lux 2

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