Sizzling Christmas Party 2013

Every once in a while, my dear friend Ivan hosts amazing parties at his place in Beijing. And every time he puts together  a very nice music concert with his fellow musicians/friends (they call themselves Xanadu Music Chamber Group). This time the theme was Christmas (obviously – we are almost there!), so this is the programme of the evening:


And here a quick overview on the members of the Chamber Group:

Ivan – pianist – host and winner of the award for the fanciest socks of the evening, Giorgio – pianist – and my handsome husband; Jin – pianist – and a new comer to Ivan’s music scene; Kenneth – violinist – and Ivan’s high school mate. And finally the singer Brittany, gorgeous in her total red dress/lipstick/nail color look.


During the concert, the audience was completely raptured by the music. The atmosphere was really nice, most of my best friends in Beijing were there. I felt completely happy.

After the concert, Ivan gave a short speech, thanking everyone for being there – shouldn’t we have thanked him for having us?! Also, he prepared white roses for all the musicians and for Wendy (Kenneth’s wife) and me. Really sweet. This is me striking a pose!


Living in Beijing for me is a wonderful experience. And the reason why it is so amazing is that I have so many good friends. Some of them were attending the concert and we took thousands of pictures together – I guess they can’t wait to appear on my blog! Here are some of the best smiles of the evening:

Melissa and her bf Lasse. Melissa was my Heyrobics soul mate and a foodie. Two characteristics that make me love her!


Heini, Ivan, Giorgio and I laughing together.


Darek & Lars. They were afraid I would never publish their picture. There you go. Happy?


And if the music was food for the soul, Ivan made sure we had food for our empty stomach too! Last time he asked help to the Hutong, but this time his contact Jake was busy for another event. So they gave him Cherry Li’s contact. Well, Ivan was not satisfied at all. He said that Cherry forgot to bring prosecco glasses and was not able to coordinate the amateurish staff. I must say, I noticed they were a bit noisy in the kitchen even during the concert – when silence is necessary for the audience to appreciate the music. But my personal view is that the food was good – very good.

Starters, mains and desserts were served at the same time – this is China! At a certain point on the table there were an amazing salad with greens, candied walnuts, oranges and a delicious honey-raspberry vinaigrette and sugary brownies close to each other! Note: in the back the vase Giorgio and I gave Ivan as a Thank-You for all the parties he organised at his place and for always taking such good care of us! It’s Italian and if you like it, we bought it at Nature Living in TaiKooLi SanLiTun (more info here).


Also there were some baked salmon with citrus-soy glaze (delicious) and a super spicy butternut squash, lemongrass and ginger soup. On the sweet side, also lots of fried beignet with spices and powdered sugar.


And to close the meal, of course, goat cheese with walnut-cranberry buche and rice crackers.

It was so nice to have all my friends gathered together to celebrate music, Christmas and friendship. Ivan is the perfect host, caring and loving. I’m already looking forward to the Chinese New Year Concert!


For the sizzling Christmas party I was delighted to wear:

Grey silk dress: Sportmax

Ring: Swarovski


Pictures were taken with my white iPhone 5

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