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I simply love writing this blog! It’s so exciting to share with you my impressions about the world around me and through some of my recent work I’ve also had the chance to meet and interview many interesting people with inspiring stories, just to name two of them Orianne (read a post about her here) and Len (read about the amazing job she is doing in the Philippines here). I am also exploring the dining scene in Beijing and everywhere else I go so I can write detailed reports and tips – ok, this is just an excuse… (if you are curious, check the ‘food’ category of this blog here). I am also planning more and more trips around the world…there are many amazing places on earth we don’t know about, maybe just close to where we are.

And apparently you guys enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. I got amazing feedbacks and kind words from all of you from all over the world! Keep it up!

Another exciting thing about being a blogger is that people you didn’t know before realize that they have a connection with you, maybe simply by sharing what we like to do, wear, or eat. I think this is why Fausto Leoni from City Weekend – Beijing asked me to feature the fashion and lifestyle column ‘Fashionista’ of their weekly magazine. And of course I accepted, and was so flattered!

I got ready, packed my outfits and accessories and rode all the way to 798, an artistic district North-East of Beijing. The studio where we were supposed to meet is tucked in a hutong close to the 4th ring road and is called Sharpen Studio. It is a white-ish, polyfunctional and versatile space, available for various events related to fashion, art, design, communication, culture.


Once I got there, I headed to the changing room, where Meghan, British make-up artist, was waiting for me. She showed me all the products we would use (mostly MAC and Laura Mercier) and I was just amazed. Also, I loved the mirror with all these light bulbs. It felt like I was in a movie!

I brought two different sets, one for the day and one for the evening, so we decided we would have two different make-up styles: more natural the first one, with peachy colours, and bolder the second one, with smokey eyes and red lips. This is how we started.


While helping me with my hair, Fausto told me his story, about how he arrived in China four years ago and how he enjoys his Chinese life. At the moment he is in charge for all the marketing related aspects for Face boutique hotel and  lounge in Beijing, and he also works on his own for several marketing and brand projects. Even with its challenges, he loves his job and he seems very passionate about it.


So I dressed up, quickly looked at myself in the mirror, and went to the main room, where the photographer was waiting for me. He set up the lights and the background, ran some tests and told me a few words to help me relax a little bit. Like I needed them! I was 100% at my ease, felt like I was born to be a model! I couldn’t wait to start shooting!


I played with him all the time… there was such a nice atmosphere! I guess having Italian songs as music background (when I asked why, they told me the owner of the studio comes from Italy) helped me having more fun.


Then it was time for the second look! The first thing to do was make-up adjustments. Meghan started with my eyes; she used dark grey and black.


But we mainly aimed at lips. I wanted them red, and Meghan agreed with me. A little bit more blush, and I was ready for the second outfit!


The story of this outfit is very interesting. I bought both the dress and the pants in Rome last year, planning to wear them for my friends Trinh and Keith in Hong Kong a few months afterwards. Actually, Giorgio and I never made it to their wedding, as all the flights from Beijing were cancelled because of a typhoon. It was so sad… I really wanted to share my friends’ joy during their reception. So, I never actually wore that dress – in my mind I was still waiting for another happy occasion – and almost forgot it, till the Sizzling Christmas party at Ivan’s (read about it here). During that party I actually realized I love it and decided I would wear it more often! This was the perfect occasion!


I don’t wear high heels very often, but when I do.. woah! It feels so different! I felt beautiful, sexy, funny, interesting. I didn’t want to stop taking pictures – I didn’t want to get off the merry-go-round. I was having too much fun.


And the team made such a good job! The staff from City Weekend, the photographer and his assistant, Meghan, they all contributed to this wonderful experience!


Before leaving, we gathered up around the screen of the photographer’s laptop to have a preview at the pictures. My heart was beating so fast while I looked at myself. It was 100% me: I had picked my favourite clothes and accessories. But at the same time it was a different me – more confident, bold, brave, not afraid of showing her passion. Well done everyone!


Note: the article about me and the related pictures should come out second half of February. Stay tuned!


For the first photo shooting,  I was so lucky to wear:

Black leather jacket: Zara

Black silk pijama pants: COS

Silver earrings: Georg Jensen

Foulard: Hermes

Ring: Joyce Makitalo

Bag: Fendi


For the second photo shooting,  I was so lucky to wear:

Grey silk dress: Sportmax

White pants, peep-toe shoes, clutch: all Max Mara

Earrings: Swarovski

Cufflink: Tiffany & Co. by Frank Gehry


Pictures were taken with my white iPhone 5.

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    • chiara

      Thanks Monica! I’m learning how to be a star… step by step! Thanks for the warm words! If there was a price for the best and kindest supporter it would be yours! Smack!

  1. Vivian

    Such a small world! The owner of Sharpen Studio is Koen’s friend! He was the Italian photographer I wanted to recommend to you at the first place! Fate, huh? 😛

    And, LOVE your blog!

    • chiara

      Yes, Beijing is SO small! And Sharpen Studio was very nice! Really cool experience! Let’s catch up soon, before CNY! Cheers!

  2. Mirko

    Hey im very happy to read nice comment about my studio
    I hope to see you soon
    We will have party in the spring you are all welcome
    Mirko sharpenstudio

    • chiara

      Hey Mirko! We all had fun at Sharpen Studio! :-) Hope to be back there soon for some more photo shooting! Looking forward to your party!

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