Delish cafe & baking school

I am in Bangkok right now, and I am enjoying every single moment of this break from cold and foggy Beijing. And I am super happy I finally have time to catch up with Reyan, one of my best friends ever. She is working here on a short term assignment, and when she told me, I had no hesitation and bought my ticket.


Every time we meet we talk about when we first met, back in 2008: we were both working in Fendi HQ in Rome, where we became very good friends. This was a long time ago; then our lives took different paths – she now lives in Milan and I moved to China and got married – but every time we meet it feels like we have never separated.


Yesterday we celebrated Valentine’s day with a sweet treat at Delish, cute white-and-pink cafe in Bangkok.


We entered by chance, thirsty and famished and we found out that this little gem had just opened a week before and that they were still in their soft opening time. Reyan and I loved it right away – everything was feminine and sweet, and the owners were super nice and lovely. The girl was wearing a romantic pink plumed dress and had an amazing and contagious smile. I thought she was the perfect host.


Reyan ordered an espresso, which came on a wooden tray carrying also two small cups of water – nice touch.


I was looking for a fruit boost, but they didn’t have any fresh fruit option – which is a pity because fruit in Thailand is simply amazing! Hopefully it’s just a matter of time, once they have everything set they’ll also get a blender and tons of mangoes, pineapple & co. In the meanwhile, they serve smoothies and shakes with frozen strawberries and red berries. I got one of these and it was really good!


And then the cute girl treated us with a delicious double chocolate cupcake – yummy! The frosting was some kind of amazing fluffy cream with Oreo cookies and the cake itself was a white chocolate delice. Let’s say that she didn’t have to beg to have me and Reyan devouring it!


Note – this sweet cafe also holds cupcake-cooking classes. Yesterday, because of Valentine’s day, a group of 4 people was decorating pink-and-white little cakes with sugar hearts and glittery candies. Lovely.



For the sweet break at Delish I was delighted to wear:

Linen dress: ‘S Max Mara

Earrings: designed for me by Gianni Martinis

Wooden bangles: the Three Trees


Pictures were taken whit my brand new white Sony NEX-5T.

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