Beijing really gain something new and colorful when Chiara started her blog.  She brought that Roman flair for living mixed with a deep understanding of design to a subject matter that covers the point where fashion, hospitality and cuisine meet. Perfect for a China getting beyond labels and show, her blog shows people what a more profound understanding of lifestyle is about.


Nels Frye, Editor-in-chief of Lifestyle Magazine and founder of consultancy


Chiara presents her audience with a read which is not just easy breezy (don’t sue, Covergirl), but explicative and bumping along the long winding road (don’t sue, George) that is Chinese society anno 2015. From fashionista to foodie, all can devour the topics on offer here. Enjoy the ride!


Elsbeth van Paridon, ONE Outlet Account Executive and China fashion writer navigates the world. Chiara has an editing eye and sees things as they are, when she featured me, the headline alone made me feel like for once the world has seen me for who I truly am. I have read other very fascinating and inspiring stories. Complimenti Chiara!

“喝喝咖啡 聊聊时尚”立足国际。柯雅有一双看透一切的双眼,每一次她关注一件事,都能将其最原汁的特点传达出去。我也曾读过其他美妙的故事,但是柯雅的文字总会在某一次击中我的心房。你是最棒的,柯雅!”

Doris Kwaka, top model


Chiara is one of the most sought after style consultants in Beijing. Bringing the best of Italian flair with a downtown vibe, Chiara is the ultimate expat trendsetter based in the Jing.


Michael Kaufmann, Director, CCTV International