Crispy roasted goose in Central, HK

I spent the Chinese New Year break in Hong Kong. I simply love the city – it’s exciting, it looks like it never sleeps, foodie paradise and shopping heaven. Thanks to Alan, Giorgio’s cousin and head chef of one of he most popular Italian restaurants in the city, 208, we were able to rent a newly decorated room in super central Sheung Wan for a very reasonable price – so this area, located in the north-west of Hong Kong Island, between Central and Sai Ying Pun, was the starting point of all my scouting expeditions!


In 15 minutes by foot you could get to Central, business heart of HK Island scattered with fancy shopping malls and up-and-coming designers’ boutiques.  In particular, I find that Landmark represents the epitome of HK’s luxury shopping with a bonanza of 200 between stores, restaurants, cafe and lots of beautiful and busy people running around in expensive made-in-Italy stilettos. Here, in front of Fendi‘s shop window (Oh! Reminds me so much of the time spent in Rome working at Fendi!), I met Erica, dear friend of mine, foodie and Heyrobics addicted. We agreed we would go to Yung Kee, Chinese restaurant specialised in Guandong cuisine.


Existing as a food stall roasting goose since the Forties, in 1968 Yung Kee has been named by Fortune to be one of the top fifteen restaurants worldwide, the only Chinese restaurant on the list. Today it has evolved in a big food empire, including a whole commercial building and many elegant dining halls on different floors at their restaurant in 32, Pottinger Street, and it’s still offering a delicious gourmet roasted goose and a lot more.


Once there, I let Erica decide what to order – by the way she filled in the menu I was 100% sure I was making no mistake! With no hesitation at all, she ordered a dish of roasted goose with assorted pork meat  – Giorgio was already drooling and, after eating almost all of it, he confirmed it was delicious! It was crispy on the outside yet soft, tender and juicy on the inside. There were braised soya beans beneath the roasted goose that soaked up all the drippings making it fragrant and flavourful. Description is pointless for this dish, I suggest you go there and try this yourself!


Erica also ordered another HK specialty: vegetable with crab meat. It is a dish of steamed broccoli and cauliflower made yummy thanks to a gelatinous sauce of crab meat and egg white. As for the goose above, it’s difficult to explain how good it was – delicate, perfect texture, interesting combination of different flavours.


Given that we are in Hong Kong, and that Erica and I both love it, we ordered a couple of dim sum dishes. We couldn’t miss the pork bun (definitely my favourite!): the buns were soft and pillowy and had a filling of sweet barbecued pork.


Erica also ordered the unmissable egg tarts – outer pastry crust filled with warm egg custard.


And then Erica surprised me by ordering the most divine dim sum dumpling I’ve ever seen: the taro one. The outer shell is made from a thick layer of taro (a tuber) that has been boiled and mashed. The filling is made from seasoned minced pork. The dumpling is deep fried, and the outermost layer of taro becomes crisp, light, and fluffy. A work of art, I must say.


No need to say that we ate it all. With our bellies full and a big smile on our faces, we said goodbye and promised we would meet soon in Beijing for the next chapter of our foodie adventure across Asia.


For the crispy goose binge I was delighted to wear:

Leather jacket: Zara

White T-shirt: ‘S Max Mara

Black silk pants: COS

Loafers: Fausto Santini

Sunglasses: Prada

Bag: vintage Fendi

Earrings: George Jensen

Ring: Joyce Makitalo

Nail color: Chanel Le Vernis 445 lotus rouge


Pictures were taken with my white iPhone 5.

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