Short story of how yoga changed my life 内在美

Start practicing yoga changed my life.



Try to picture this situation.

New job & busy time. Phone calls, meetings, trips, a whole new team to get familiar with and a completely new lifestyle that kept me out of home for three to four days every week. And while I was perfectly happy about my professional development, I felt that the fitness routine I was used to (jumps, squats and push-ups with pumping beats) was not keeping me satisfied anymore.

This was because of different reasons, but the main ones were in fact two: firstly, I was talking with people all the time, in the noise and on the go, and so, when off, I needed something more introvert and… silent. Secondly I was so tired in the evening I couldn’t even have a chat my husband, let alone get on my bike to go to some gym.





Things had to change. And they did. When I tried yoga for the first time. The teacher – now friend – Theresa introduced me to a beautiful space – Zamani in Beijing – and invited me to let everything go and focus on myself. All during a yoga class.

再这样下去我就该出师未捷身先死了,就在这时,我开始尝试练习瑜伽。瑜伽老师Theresa给我介绍了一个特别棒的教室 Zamani;Theresa在帮助我练习的时候,开始更注重引导怎样专注于内心,集中于内在。


I was stiff, with no patience and pretty sure that yoga would not be for me.

I had always been looking for action, sweat, pulse, full speed – and I never thought I would find this in yoga.




Yoga changed my way of looking at things; it taught me the art of breathing and perseverance. It made me stronger and my muscles leaner. It gave me calm and energy at the same time.

Now I practice early in the morning, in the stomach only a glass of lemon-y water. And only then I feel ready to face my day, with its challenges and opportunities.




If you are reading this post and you have never tried yoga – well, I really encourage you to get out and get flat on the mat.

If you have tried it already, or if you usually practice, what about you reach out to me and we go together next time?




The pictures are taken from and they very well represent what yoga can do you to your spirit and body. You do become beautiful inside & out.



Translation by Jasmine Wang.

翻译由Jasmine Wang 完成。

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