Why DIY? 自己动手 丰衣足食


These days DIY (Do It Yourself) has become an ever increasingly popular trend. Given you have a curious mind and you haven’t been completely isolated form the rest of the world for the last 5 years, you may spend a lot of time wondering about why we are here, what our purpose is and what in the world all this fuss over DIY is all about. It’s time for you to curb your curiosity and find out.


The terms “do it yourself” (in reference to the building and modifying things without the help of an expert in the field) is not new – in fact it has been around for about a century. Although it has been common usage for a while now it only started gaining popularity in the early 2000’s and has been growing more and more popular ever since. One of the platforms, which have definitely aided the escalating popularity of DIY, is YouTube. There are a number of channels on YouTube who are specifically dedicated to teach people different DIY’s, which usually don’t require a large amount of expertise in their respective areas. Another massive platform, which has boosted the popularity of DIYs, is Pinterest. Almost every Pinterest user has a “board” dedicated to “pinning” DIY’s they’d like to try. And because Pinterest is a popular social networking site this really helps boost DIY’s in the public eye.

“自己动手做”这个用语(意指不依赖或聘用专业的工匠来建立或整修东西)并不新鲜 – 事实上这个用语已经存在了快一个世纪。虽然它并不新鲜,但直到千禧年开始它才真正风靡起来。加速DIY风靡的平台之一便是YouTube。在YouTube上有很多不同的频道用来教人们自己动手做不同的事物,并且不需要太多的专业技能。另外一个促进DIY盛行的是Pinterest。每位Pinterest用户都可以把自己想要尝试的东西“钉”在“钉板”上。Pinterest作为一个极为流行的社交网站,极大的提高了DIY的公众关注度。

So what’s really so good about “DIYing”? Well there is the massive cost benefit. It looks like it is now possible to make almost exact replicas of items available in stores for less than half the price! This is a great money saver and is perfect for people who need that extra bit of cash but still want to have fabulous things. This then begs the question, why are so many people who clearly have the cash opting for DIY? There is definitely something to be said for making things yourself. There is some kind of satisfaction that you get from making and using them yourself that you simply can’t get out of things that you buy. Not to mention the opportunity to show all your friends your awesome handiwork skills.


But well. Not all that glitters is gold. Even though it’s a lot cheaper than just buying it, it is a lot more time consuming. You have to factor in all of the time it takes to figure out how to actually attempt the DIY, the time it takes to actually make it and if necessary the time it takes to set or cook and stuff. Not to mention despite spending all this time on the DIY there is no guarantee that the DIY will actually work. In fact the DIY fails so often and then it gets so hilarious it has even turned into a popular tag on instagram; “#Nailedit”. These posts feature a picture of how the DIY was supposed to look and how it actually turned out.


In the end the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Although these DIY projects are often time consuming, if you have the time why not? It’s cheaper and better to make things yourself. The chance to really be in the creation process of the things that you own is an opportunity that most miss, don’t. Get on the DIY train!

















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Pictures selection & words by Brynn Somerville.

图片选择和文字感谢Brynn Somerville.

Translation by Vivian Zhou.

翻译由 Vivian Zhou完成.


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