It makes me feel free, powerful and in control to go running early in the morning. It doesn’t need to be a long run, or a fast one, as long as it’s challenging enough to break a sweat.

There is something poetic about running – it’s free, you just need a good pair of running shoes and you are set to go. Actually, I’ve also run in Vans and in Converse in some cases – not great but totally doable. Even only running for 10 minutes gets your heart beat faster and your brain work better.

I love to listen to podcasts: to ‘Where should we begin’ by Esther Perel if I want to reflect on relationship, to the Business of Fashion if I want to learn something new, to the Michelle Obama Podcast if I want to feel inspired.

I love urban runs – observing the city while it wakes up, people rushing to work with their coffee, behind-the-scenes activities taking place. As part of my routine, I run every week two or three times either in Beijing or in Tianjin, depending on where I am. I enjoy every minute.

But there is something special in running in a new place. It’s a way to explore and to connect to it in a different way. When I was in Sanya last week I went running almost every morning. To observe fishermen and farmers to get ready for the day, family with young babies looking for some shadow, restaurant owners opening their business, young kids eating breakfast in the middle of the street.

And even better, as you don’t know exactly where you are going, sometimes you get lost. When you least expect it, the most beautiful panorama opens up in front of you.

Which is exactly what happens in life. Isn’t it?